Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The story behind SCOT FREE

In our department at work (the crazy editors), we play a little game on Fridays: an illustrious colleague, Liesel, sends us an expression, with the challenge of telling the "story" behind it. 

Here is my story behind the expression "scot free":

I think we must let our imagination run wild ...

I reckon this expression can be traced back to someone who was hopelessly addicted to whiskey. In his drunken stupor he had a Damascus experience, was powerfully convicted of the error of his ways, and decided to lay off the booze. After a period of sobriety, he declared euphorically, tears streaming down his drink-ravaged visage: “I am Scot(ch) free!”

(Incidentally, his wife and children preferred him Scot(ch) bound. The friendly, bumbling generous drunk of days gone by was far preferable to the zealous, judgmental, loud-mouthed, wild-eyed Scot(ch) free phenomenon they now had to put up with … But that’s just an aside …)


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