Saturday, 5 October 2013

Joined at the hip

There was once a chubby little roll that nestled in a comfortable hollow above Dory’s hip. A similar deposit nestled above her other hip, which meant that there were in fact two rolls!

They were extremely happy, but Dory was not. As the rolls expanded, due to very frequent lunch-time visits to the Food Lover’s Market and kissing the wine bottle at night, the number of options in Dory’s wardrobe decreased drastically. As she had to acquire more and more flamboyant caftans to cover up those rolls (who thought they were at the circus), the “thinner” clothes were relegated to the very darkest corner of the closet.

She tried to get rid of those rolls – any which way. The Heart Foundation Diet, the Dukan Diet, Simply Slim, a Chinese remedy in a green box, and a myriad other methods that were “guaranteed to work” … to no avail. The rolls did not budge. Granted, sometimes they did get slightly smaller for a short while, but then they  just increased again with a vengeance!

Their excuse, their reason for such tenacity – we can’t leave, we love Dory too much. Dory and us, we are joined at the hip!

In a cold and cruel world, who could deny such devotion?

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